SIR: In response to the letter from Dr Michael Bennett (Chronicle, April 8). I’m delighted that Dr Bennett welcomes the Winchester Cycling Charter, and thinks that cycling must be a major part of the solution to climate change.

Regarding his reading of the photograph, I doubt that many will see it as an ideal family outing. I applaud the family for making a positive, healthy transport choice. But the nose-to-tail cars, and lack of separated cycle lane, highlight why this is not a more common sight.

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At Cycle Winchester, the organisation that launched the Charter, we are indeed aware that it is non-cyclists we need to consider. Increasing the number who choose to cycle, requires enablement, not just encouragement. Happily we have good, new, national standards for cycle infrastructure, launched last year under the Gear Change initiative. Painted white lines are out. Separation is in. The challenge is to ensure that our local authorities embrace the guidance provided by central government, and build good-quality cycle routes to enable the shift from car to bike.

Winchester Cycling Charter remains open for signatures at

Rob Jordan,

Member of the Cycle Winchester team,

Christchurch Road