A WINCHESTER nursery highlighted the importance of reading with the help of the local community and a city councillor.

Tops Day Nurseries have been working hard to promote reading during early years education as part of the Great Big Read, which took place in the UK from March.

Tops Winchester sent invitations to encourage volunteers to virtually join the nurseries to participate and Cllr Jackie Porter was more than happy to support the event by reading stories to the children.

Cllr Porter,a former teacher, joined the nursery on Zoom to share a story with the pre-school children. She read Colin and Lee, Carrot and Pea.

The children had fun, listening to the stories and found the tongue twist story especially funny.

The nursery has said that reading at early years level is crucial for the development of young children. It is part of everyday life at Tops Day Nurseries and many of the staff have recorded themselves reading a story to share at bedtime with children.

Tops created their lending library to allow parents and children access to books and other reading materials that they may not have previously been able to access.