THE landowners and governing bodies of Farley Mount are discussing plans for the future.

Last month the Chronicle reported that car parks could be closed at the beauty spot near Winchester to ward off professional dog walkers.

It was unclear whether these closures were decided, or would be consulted on before being actioned.

Now it has emerged that the South Lynch Estate Office, which owns part of Farley Mount, the Forestry Commission and Hampshire County Council are meeting regularly to figure out a plan that "all parties are in agreement with".

George Rees of the South Lynch Estate Office said: "We will be consulting with local parish councillors and local residents but a comprehensive plan that is going to keep everyone happy with long term benefits for the site is going to take a fair bit more time to get sorted."

A letter written by chairman of Hursley Parish Council, Cllr David Killeen, stated that some car parks will be closed in a trial because professional dog walkers are "deterring" residents from using the land.

One commenter on the Chronicle's website said: "Early last month (so still full lockdown) I cycled by and counted over 10 cars abandoned in the road as all car parks were already full.

"Closing car parks will only push more users into the roads. Taking up the passing places and create traffic mayhem."

Another added: "I visit Farley Mount every day (but not weekends) with my dog, I have noticed an increase in people using it since lockdown for sure.

"Only a couple of the car parks are usually full (Crab Wood and T Junction) the rest are usually fairly quiet. It might look like the forest is heaving, but once you away from the car park, it is so vast it is very peaceful.

"So the argument that it is swarming with professional dog walkers is a fallacy. There are some problems with dog poo not being picked up (that annoys me). Another issue is the number of people walking/running/cycling on the road from Winchester as no path from Sarum Road.

"Would love to see a path created for the public to make it safer (particularly for children). Would encourage more people to walk there. Maybe through the woods next to the fields similar to the A272 towards Crawley? I think it is really lovely more people enjoying Farley Mount, just pick up the poo!"