SIR: Judith Martin's letter (Chronicle, April 1) makes some excellent points about progressing this very tardy development. I disagree however about her suggestion of retaining the old Friarsgate surgery building. That corner of the development has been earmarked in the SPD for an open green space/park, together with opening up the Lower Brook to form a lovely stream-side walk to the Broadway. The city council has already set a deadline to achieve carbon neutrality, and a city centre green space, water, and trees are essential to achieving this goal.

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Perhaps the two buildings at the corner of Friarsgate and Tanner Street could be rescued and reused if joined by a well landscaped covered patio - plenty of space inside.

And, please, don't waste any more money on Kings Walk - just demolish it and open up the Antiques Market to create a lovely entry to Silver Hill. Please just find a good master planner to do a plan for the whole of walled Winchester, and of Silver Hill, demolish the Friarsgate surgery, open up the Lower Brook, and plant lots of trees along it, and above all, really get the development started.

Terry Gould,

Fairfield Road,