A film set has been built on a former army base near Barton Stacey with a different kind of shooting taking place last Friday, with crews rumoured to be filming new Amazon Prime Series Citadel.

A ‘gas station in the middle of nowhere’ set has been built on the ex-military site, comprised of a station building, as well as pumps and signage for the building. As reflected in the name, the design of the set is of an American-style petrol station, suggesting the base is doubling for a US location.

It was built over the course of a month for a night’s filming, which took place on Friday, April 9, and is currently being dismantled.

During filming, hundreds of people were on set, including 20 equipment trucks and trailers for makeup and wardrobe. Despite the military setting, no fire or pyrotechnics were used.

Lorries and other vehicles have been leaving the site as the set is taken down, though it is still visible from the surrounding area, especially to vehicles on the A303’s eastbound carriageway. Scissor lifts, cranes and other equipment are still at the site, waiting to be removed.

Signs to direct crews, reading AML, have been posted around the site. Similar signs appeared in Basingstoke recently, where crews were filming with Richard Madden, best known for The Bodyguard, in what is understood to be for the series Citadel.

Furthermore, planning documents submitted to Test Valley Borough Council for the set were authored by Amalgamated Pictures. Crew members working for Amalgamated Pictures have published that they are working on Citadel on social media such as LinkedIn, making it more likely this was the series being filmed.

While details of the series are being kept under wraps, it is described by its IMDB page as an “action-packed spy series”. Its cast includes Priyanka Chopra and Stanley Tucci, and is being made by the Russo brothers, best known for directing Avengers: Endgame and other Marvel films.

It was announced in 2018, with the plan to launch an international franchise based around the main show, which will then have multiple local language spinoffs for different countries around the world.

Barton Stacey is no stranger to filming, with the military land used for sci-fi adventure Edge of Tomorrow in 2012, with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt on site in Hampshire.