CAMPAIGNERS are calling on Winchester's MPs to back a bill aimed at tackling the climate and ecological crises.

As part of nationwide action, volunteers from the Winchester Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) Bill Alliance group hosted a banner drop at Winchester Cathedral calling on Steve Brine and Flick Drummond to back the CEE Bill.

The bill is the only legislative plan before MPs that can tackle the climate and ecological crisis at the speed and scale that science demands. It sets out a viable roadmap for the UK to play its full and fair role in restoring nature and limiting emissions.

The group says that Winchester is facing multiple problems related to climate change, pollution to its fragile chalk streams from nitrate run-off and air pollution from traffic.

The last seven years have been the hottest on record and this has resulted in heatwaves, floods and droughts. Farmers are warning about the devastation this new weather pattern of boom and bust causes to their crops

Mike Nell from the Winchester CEE Bill Alliance said: "We are calling on Winchester MPs to back the CEE bill as we need much stronger climate and environmental protection. We see endless reports, many from the Government's own committees, highlighting that Boris Johnson isn't going far enough to tackle the climate and ecological emergency, it's time our elected representatives took this more issue seriously."

Mike continued: "Climate change is presenting us with a future that promises unimaginable environmental and social catastrophes. The CEE Bill requires a legal framework for facing up to the climate crisis, from which policies to shape a carbon-free society, can be formed. It sets an emergency path for the UK to follow. The Government's current targets are inadequate to avoid catastrophic damage and their track record of delivering on those targets is concerning."

He added: "With eight months to go before the UK hosts the vital UN climate conference, COP26, in Glasgow. The CEE Bill represents Boris Johnson's best opportunity of having a serious and comprehensive plan to tackle the greatest challenge humanity faces."

The Winchester CEE Bill Alliance is developing a diverse and far-reaching network of individuals, organisations and businesses across the Winchester district that support the CEE Bill.