A TWYFORD graduate has launched her own clothing brand – but profit is not her top priority.

Eleanor Brown, the 22-year-old behind Enabler, will donate 10 per cent of every sale to mental health charity Young Minds.

After graduating her History of Art Degree at Oxford Brookes last May and completing a fashion business course at Condé Nast London, she struggled to find a job.

Now, Eleanor hopes her brand will become successful, recognised for its quality and unique design whilst raising money for charity.

She told the Chronicle: "I started the business because I have always had an interest in fashion, and art. My business is about combining my own art with fashion.

"I wanted to provide quality clothing without the extortionate price tag. Since leaving university I have applied for various jobs but have not had any luck due to furlough and Covid, which is why I have chosen to start my own business.

"Lots of jobs I did apply for wanted a lot of experience which is very difficult as a graduate, so now I am learning all aspects of running a business from building my own website, to marketing and production, even walking up to the post office.

"I chose the charity Young Minds, because it's been a very tricky and uncertain year for many including myself, and felt if I could generate some money to support a charity that is also struggling to survive at this time, then it seems even more worthwhile."

Enabler offers a selection of unisex hoodies and T-shirts. All items are designed and printed in-house.

"Our designs combine art with fashion each design is based on figures, with the front design being simple and bold on the back," added Eleanor.

View the shop at: https://enablerclothing.co.uk/about-us.