SIR: We live in a residential road very near the university. There is an on-going problem caused by students parking their cars in our road. No students live in our small close (of just seven properties), but it has become a de facto ‘overflow car park’ for students living nearby in multiply-occupied houses and large blocks of flats in nearby Sparkford Close.

Our road is a short narrow road, with a blind bend. With one carriageway occupied by parked cars, it is dangerous having to drive on the wrong side of the road, not being able to see another vehicle travelling in the opposite direction.

Several years ago, our road became part of Winchester City Council’s Parking Zone U. This was, in large part, to stop congestion from student parking. This worked for a while, but over the past decade the vast majority of houses in Sparkford Close have been turned into multiply-occupied student houses, and two large blocks of student flats have been built. Students living there not only part continuously in our road, but systematic observation has evidenced the fact that some students who park in our road have illegally obtained permits from others who live within the parking zone. The city council parking office has made no attempt to stop this abuse, despite being advised of the problem.

What can be done? The university, which boasts its green credentials, should make it a condition of attendance that any student living within three miles during term-time be banned from bringing a motor vehicle to Winchester. Many other universities operate and enforce a similar policy. Further, Winchester City Council should create a separate parking zone for Sparkford Close and give long-term residents in the rest of Zone U some respite from congestion and dangerous parking in our small close.

Les Burwood,

Sue Clifford,

Tim Clifford,

AD Guest,

C Brady,

R Buley,

SJ Hall,

RA Hall,

David Simons,

Sleepers’ Delle Gardens,