HIGH salaries of Winchester City Council officers earning more than £100,000 per year have come under the spotlight in an annual list put together by the Taxpayers’ Alliance.

Some are making more in yearly pension contributions, than many people get in their annual salary.

The council’s highest paid officers appeared on the Town Hall Rich List 2021 for 2019/20.

Five Winchester City Council employees appeared in the list and 24 from Hampshire County Council.

Winchester City Council’s chief executive Laura Taylor earned £120,000, plus £1,000 in expenses. Add in her pension, £19,000, and she cost taxpayers £140,000.

Also appearing on the list is strategic director of services Richard Botham who last year earned £109,000, made up of a salary of £91,000, £3,000 expenses and £15,000 in his pension pot.

Chas Bradfield, the council’s strategic director of place, earned £97,000, plus £2,000 in expenses and £16,000 pension, bringing his total to £115,000.

Another strategic director on the council was paid £94,000, but they also claimed £3,000 in expenses and £15,000 for their pension, meaning that they earned £112,000 last year.

Strangely, the list details an employee who is listed as ‘undisclosed’ and while they did not appear to earn a salary, their income was £112,500.

The Taxpayers’ Alliance provides the council-by-council breakdown each year, alongside its call for local authorities to stop council tax rises and cut down on wasteful spending.