SIR: In August 2020 somebody dropped a large tin of paint onto the pavement in Wales Street, about 50 metres north of the Bright Horizons Nursery, resulting in unsuspecting pedestrians treading it along the path.

I contacted Hampshire County Council and was sent an email informing me my enquiry had been passed to a third party.

After seven months of no action, I contacted them again on March 5, to be told the third party was Winchester City Council. I then contacted their Street Clean Department and awaited a response.

On Monday March 15 I received an email from Ian Burt, contract monitoring officer, explaining the pavements were the responsibility of Hampshire County Council and their highways engineer has stated that the only option would be to resurface the pavement which would not be viable.

Are we to believe that between the two councils there is nobody employed who can spray some paint remover from a high-powered gun, as used on graffiti, or are the residents in this area going to be left with something that resembles an abandoned back alley?

Would the outcome be the same is the location was Chilbolton Avenue?

Stephen Stamford,

Wales Street,