SIR: Having recently admired the views of the city from St Giles Hill, I could not help but think what a beautiful place we are privileged to live in.

Beautiful yes, but welcoming? I wonder.

Many of the streets are either closed or restricted. In last week's Chronicle a reader had the audacity to say that he had missed the sign saying that the Square and Great Minister Street was closed to traffic.

Clearly someone took this to heart, since on Monday last I counted no less than seven signs announcing this, cluttering up the entrance.

BID keep telling us that we should shop local when the shops reopen and support the community, but we seem intent on making things as difficult as possible for anyone who is not either walking or on a cycle.

For many, particularly the differently abled, this is not practical, and the most vaulted park and ride is not always an option either.

Now a overall 20mph speed limit is being mooted once again, (Chronicle, March 25) in spite of the fact that it will be almost impossible to police and will cause yet more congestion and therefore pollution.

Using the new Sports and Leisure Centre is apparently going to cost up to a third more for many of its facilities. Will there be discounts for local residents or frequent users?

Even the Cathedral had to be bullied into replacing its seats in the Close when they were removed without much thought to the consequences. Perhaps common sense is not really common any more.

Until 2015 I worked part time in the Craft Shop in the Square for many years. I cannot help but think, that leaving the effects of Covid aside, the city was a better place then.

Mrs Michelle Fox-Rousell,

St Cross Road,