SIR: Could I please correct Councillor Learney? the nicest possible way. Deep inside your paper for March 25 on page 52 under Community News for Twyford, you record her as saying "These extensive flooding works will free up space for building on the car park". To re-assure your readers, - the parish council's plan is to extend the Parish hall car park by ADDING about 40 spaces, not to build on it.

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The building for 20 affordable and market homes is in our Plan to take place on the higher land to the north beside the hall surgery and car park. The flooding is of course a long standing problem and so cannot, we are told, be laid at the doors of the developer. The parish council has been working with the county council to produce a flood mitigation scheme; the parish is taking the lead as the county council is hamstrung by Government cost benefit rules and lack of funding. The finance however has to come from the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) for which the authorities responsible are the city council and South Downs National Park.

Twyford are delighted that Cllr Learney and her colleagues have been able to commit £65,000 from their CIL to the works, with the proviso that the National Park matches it. The Parish has already put up its own funds and the landowners are also on side, so we are hopeful that this scheme will finally solve Twyford's flooding and provide extra car parking alongside extra village housing. It is a key part of the Twyford Neighbourhood Plan. Again thanks to WCC for the promise of help.

Chris Corcoran,

Parish Councillor,