SIR: As we move forward, and hopefully come out of this pandemic, it's good to see one of our own from Winchester achieve making it to the final 4 on ITV on Saturday, The Voice. Not only did she have a voice that was unique, a range that was superb and had so much feeling put into her performance, she also had a wonderful personality.

OK she didn't win, but for me, personally, she was a winner. Having many years ago auditioned on Hughie Green's, Opportunity Knocks, I failed before I even started. To be able to sing was not enough, I needed all the wonderful attributes mentioned above, which I did not have. I would like to congratulate Hannah Williams. Winchester should be very proud of her. She is home grown. There is not much in the news that is so heartfelt and heart lifting. The wish of many people is that she goes on to bigger and better things in her singing career. If she was to make an album, we would buy it, she is that good.

Eileen Berry,

Priors Dean Road,