21/00670/TPO, Joanne Downie, tree works, Beech Rise, 20 Shepherds Down.

Bishop's Waltham

21/00356/HOU, Mr and Mrs Woodfine, single storey rear extension, Field House, 9 Butts Farm Lane.


21/00362/FUL, Mr Pearce, construction of three detached dwelling houses with access driveway, land adjacent Springfield Trampers Lane.

Colden Common

21/00350/HOU, Andrew Brooks, construction of a front porch; ground floor single storey extension; first floor extension and balcony; a log burner and flue to be incorporated on the rear elevation, 35 Church Lane.

21/00648/TPO, Debbie Harding, tree works, tree bordering the boundary of 7 Thacking Green.


21/00146/FUL, Botley MOT Center, change of use of a building to use as an MOT testing station; re-siting of existing portacabin, Botley MOT Centre, Bottings Industrial Estate, Hillsons Road.

21/00713/TPO, Emma Willis, tree works, The Oaks Lockhams Road.

21/00649/REM, The North Whiteley Consortium, reserved matters application for local equipped area for play, North Whiteley Urban Extension, Botley Road.


21/00372/HOU, Tim Mccoy, raising of roof to create second floor over existing first floor level, Mardlers, Ashling Close.

Headbourne Worthy

21/00398/FUL, Signe Arkell, single replacement dwelling following fire damage, Mulberry House, Mortimer Close.

21/00638/TPO, Miriam Edmond, tree works, Headlands School Lane.


21/00683/TPC, Dr Anastasia Theodosiou, tree works, The Old Court House, Main Road.

Kings Worthy

21/00614/FUL, J Squared Property Ltd, demolition of existing dwelling and erection of four three-bedroom semi-detached dwellings, 5 Boyne Rise.

21/00635/TPO, Mr Brian Roscoe, tree works, Tanglewood, 1 Campion Way.


21/00297/FUL, Robert McFadden, replacement dwelling, revised design to previous planning approval, Coxford Farm, Coxford Down.

New Alresford

21/00712/TPC, Amanda Neale, tree works, 7 Burgage Mews.

21/00364/HOU, Mr and Mrs Simmonds, single storey extension, 76 Oak Hill.

21/00623/TPO, Mr Knott, tree works, 31 Shepherds Down.

21/00717/TPO, Louise Metcalf, tree works, Sevines, 75 Jacklyns Lane.


21/00373/HOU, Micael Moase, single storey rear extension, 26 Laxton Leaze.

Old Alresford

21/00355/HOU, Toby Leyland, multi use court, Enhams, Abbotstone Lane.


21/00360/HOU, Dr and Mrs Fowler, single front and rear extensions and first floor side extension, 19 Meadowcroft Close.


21/00351/HOU, Joe Parnell, single storey side extension and part single part two storey rear extension, Sandilands, Upper Church Road.

21/00357/FUL, applicant not listed, second storey side extension, 15 Sandy Hill Close.

21/00363/HOU, applicant not listed, single storey rear extension with flat roof and two roof lanterns, 59 Sandy Hill Close.

21/00422/FUL, Shedfield Equestrian, construction of a first floor extension to the existing equestrian shop, Shedfield Equestrian Centre, Botley Road.

South Wonston

21/00624/TPO, Mrs Pannell, tree works, 4 Hornbeam Close.


21/00352/HOU, Ted Bell, erection of single storey detached garage with garden room and shower, Wood Cottage, Church Lane.

21/00354/HOU, Malcolm and Janet Hewson, summer house in our garden approximately 20 metres from corner of house on a concrete base with electrical connection , Combe House, Westley Lane.

21/00622/TPC, Mrs Nichols, tree works, Hillcrest, Church Lane.

Whiteley Town Council

21/00382/FUL, Ms Sengelow, use of second floor as educational training centre and office for South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, Second Floor, 1650 Parkway.


21/00171/FUL, Chris Brenneck, conversion of three terraced houses into six apartments (retrospective), 1 Southwick Road.

21/00370/HOU, Mr and Mrs Fairchild, garage conversion to habitable use, two storey rear extension; detached double garage at the front of the property, Green Hayes, Blind Lane.

21/00681/TPC, Victoria Lindsay-Gordon, tree works including fell, Wickham Lodge Cottage, Winchester Road.

Winchester Town

21/00270/FUL, Mr and Mrs Wilks, front and rear extension and associated altercations to the dwelling, 2 Twiss Square.

21/00314/HOU, Freddy Beer, single storey rear extension, Habayita, 42 St Faiths Road.

21/00335/HOU, Piers Strong, single story extension to side and convert existing conservatory to habitable living space on rear, 34 Gordon Avenue.

21/00336/HOU, Ross Galtress, single storey rear extension and loft conversion, with rear dormer extension and conservation rooflights, 2 Swan Lane.

21/00347/HOU, Daniel Burgess, proposed link between house and garage, The Beeches, 107A Andover Road.

21/00353/HOU, Mrs and Mr Field and Spencer, changes to external materials including replacement of tile hanging with timber cladding and rendering of existing brickwork and replacement of white windows with grey casements; re-roofing of an existing store/utility, replacing existing flat felt roof with tiled, pitched roof with rooflights and insertion of high level windows at ground floor to side elevation, 2 Beech Copse.

21/00365/HOU, Mr and Mrs Palmer, single storey extension to garage, 17 St Stephens Road.

21/00536/LIS, Jamie and Erin Brookes, alterations to the south facade at basement level, The Old Farmhouse, Cripstead Lane.

21/00541/AVC, Jessica Tubb, restaurant name and logo signage to be applied to existing ornate black metal hanging bracket, Eighteen71, Winchester Guildhall, High Street.

21/00621/TPC, Mr Matrunola, tree works, 6 Middle Brook Street.

21/00639/TPO, John Thompson, tree works including fell, 22 Drayton Street.

21/00641/TPO, applicant not listed, tree works, 15 Grange Road.

21/00642/TPC, Monika Wandzik, tree works, 75 St Cross Road.

21/00663/TPC, Ann Scott, tree works, Minster House, 3 Great Minster Street.

21/00665/TPO, Wilshaw, tree works, 23 Nursery Gardens.

21/00666/TPO, Proxim Property Management, tree works, 1 Coventry Court, Northlands Drive.

21/00671/TPC, Carden, tree works, 25 Christchurch Road.

21/00672/TPC, Elm Road (Winchester) Ltd, tree works, Bankside House, Elm Road.