IT IS a dose of heartbreak for Hannah Williams.

Winchester's very own competitor has fallen short at the last hurdle of The Voice UK.

Her two exceptional performances in tonight's live final were not enough to win over the majority of public voters.

The first was a rendition of Little Runaway by Celeste. She then sang To Love Somebody, originally by the Bee Gees alongside her team captain Sir Tom Jones, who she has worked with since the audition round.

Sir Tom said: "I think Hannah deserves to win The Voice 2021 and I hope that I've done enough to help her do just that.

"That was fantastic. It was tremendous I could not ask for you to do any better than you did right there. She is a beautiful singer."

Sir Tom also said that he was nervous to join Hannah in the duet due to the power and warmth in her voice.

But she has been denied the grand prize: a recording contract with Universal’s label UMOD.

Olly Murs revealed that he has always had confidence in the 38-year-old: "Incredible. I predicted this in your blind audition, I knew you'd make it through to the final."

Hannah was ejected before the ultimate head-to-head, which saw Scotsman Craig Eddie and Essex's Grace Holden face each other.

"I've had the most incredible time," she said. "I really have. The whole experience has been absolutely glorious and we've all won already."

Earlier in the show, judge Anne Marie said to Hannah: "Every time you sing it is just perfect, the technique, you just can't fault it."

Referring to her voice being used on Jay Z's track 4.44, added: "I love your choices, your flavour your flair your soul, I love what you bring to music. For one of the greats to sample your voice – you're one of us baby."

But the Chronicle is certain this is not the last we will see of Hannah, who has proven her incredible talent.

I've had the most incredible time. I really have. The whole experience has been absolutely glorious and we've all won already.

About Hannah

Hannah studied music theatre at the city uni between 2003 and 2006. She was also director of foundation music (now the University of Winchester Music Centre) after she graduated until a couple of years ago. She is still at the centre as a vocal consultant and teacher.

The soul singer also fronts Hannah Williams and the Affirmations – a Bristol-based band.

In 2017, her vocals were sampled on Jay-Z's title track 4.44.

Jay-Z is one of the best-selling musicians of all time, selling more than 100 million records and receiving 21 Grammy Awards for his music. He is also married to the Queen of pop, Beyonce.

He stumbled on the vocals by surprise and then called Hannah about sampling her track Late Nights and Heartbreak.