WHAT is believed to be the first full-size sculpture of the activist Greta Thunberg will be unveiled at Winchester University later this month.

Christine Charlesworth is the artist behind this statue, who propelled into the national media when she began the school climate strikes 2018.

After a year of work, it is finally ready to be unveiled at the university on March 30.

Christine, of Milford, Surrey, told the Chronicle: "Originally the interview committee were talking about her sitting on the ground, wearing her yellow coat, but I felt strongly about portraying her telling more about the person she is. I was awarded the commission a number of weeks later due to all the problems with first lockdown.

"The university wanted a sculpture of Greta because it is a very 'green' university, and they feel that Greta will be an inspiration to all the students.”

The sculpture is now almost finished and is being cast in bronze.

Environmental activist Greta Thunberg

Environmental activist Greta Thunberg

We invited readers on the Hampshire Chronicle Facebook page to give us their views on the sculpture. Here are some of the views of those who responded:

Mark Robinson said: “To be fair Greta probably is inspirational to many of the current generation of students and given that it’s at the university I don’t think there is a particular reason for a strong Winchester connection. Usually statues are erected to reflect a long lasting legacy and that will be the test with this one.”

And Michelle Coombs wrote: “I think the sculpture itself is very good but Greta has no connection with Winchester, or am I wrong?”

Simon Dixon said: “What total waste of money”. This notion was repeated by another reader Jason Newman, along with Brian Cooper, who responded saying: “Total waste of money. I wonder who’s bright idea that was [sic].”

Anne Goodchild put forward a suggestion of someone else who could have been immortalised in statue form, posting: “Kev the guy who sells the homeless paper in the high st..definitely a Winchester icon.”

And so did Gary Shotter, who said: “How about a statue of the legendary Murray Walker, a Hampshire man!”

Student Henry Osbourne wrote: “As a student why weren’t we given a vote over who to have a statue of?”

Out of 79 comments on the Chronicle’s Facebook, not one was overly positive regarding the statue.