THE cost of a swimming session at the new leisure centre has been labelled as "totally wrong".

A report submitted to cabinet shows that users will have to pay up to 40 per cent more than at River Park Leisure Centre.

Juniors and disabled people will now pay £3 pound – a 33 per cent and a 40 per cent increase respectively.

Seniors will no longer swim for free.

Cllr Hugh Lumby said: "I'm sorry but increasing the price of sessions for juniors and disabled people is really disappointing – it's staggering, totally wrong."

The new price of an adult gym session at Winchester Sport and Leisure Park will also cost 80p more than before.

Chas Bradfield, strategic director, told the meeting: "The gym will be better value. The facilities are so much better and concessions will still be available. "The prices seen here in this report are from the council by prices are largely down to Everyone Active."

A cabinet meeting on March 10 also heard that on street parking fees are set to rise from April.

Those purchasing their 'first permit' for on street parking in controlled areas will pay £40, up from £30.

Building control fees will rise by 10 per cent on the same date.

Conservative councillor Stephen Godfrey slammed the Lib Dem administration for not sharing which fees would be rising sooner.

He said: "Most councillors here did not understand what fees were to be included in the paper until it was published ahead of this meeting.

"Cabinet should reconsider and introduce a discount scheme for those on lower incomes."