A WINCHESTER man who was a "big supporter" of cancer and mental health charities took his own life.

Berin Andrew Johnston, 39, was found dead at his Clifton Terrace home on June 13.

An inquest heard that he had suffered mental health issues since being diagnosed with depression in 2004 – after abused in his younger years.

The nature of this abuse was not discussed at Winchester Coroner's Court.

This was worsened by the death of both of his parents in recent years.

Caroline Holiday, a friend of Mr Johnston, said in a statement: "I knew he was depressed and exhausted from living in London and the death of his mum and dad.

"He said he was abused in his younger years. When lockdown started he was strict with the rules but we eventually started going on socially distanced walks and he seemed okay.

"He was a good listener and I know that he was a big supporter of cancer and mental health charities."

After not hearing from Mr Johnston in a while, Ms Holiday visited his house. She received no reply after knocking on the door, so Richard Holiday who had accompanied her house jumped over the garden fence.

He could see Mr Johnston hanging through the window.

Tamila Johnston, his sister, told the court: "Berin invited me and the kids to all the events he worked on including Glastonbury.

"He was an amazing uncle, caring, and would go out of his way to help the neighbours. He'd be the first person to volunteer to do the odd jobs.

"He'd recently got into house building and renovation and went travelling every year, lived in Holland for a while and also London. But for long periods of his life he was with our parents in the family home, where he died."

Family friend Ian Beacham added: "There wasn't one sole reason for Berin's death, it was cumulative over all that time. He was a person who always had a frail personality.

"Such a lovely guy, with dark periods and it's such a shame. There's nothing we or anyone could've done more to reach out to Berin. It;s very frustrating."

Area coroner Rosamund Rhodes-Kemp concluded as death by suicide.

She said: "I don't know exactly what happened, but it seems that when people are abused when they are younger it tends to repeat and cause problems.

"It was all too much for him, wasn't it?"