THERE is hope for Twyford Social Club yet.

A group of residents are planning to establish a Community Interest Company to acquire and run the Queen Street premises.

This facility will be used as it always has – continuing a century-long legacy.

In a letter seen by the Chronicle, chairman Robin Burt-D’Arcy said: "A group has proposed to establish a new Twyford Community Facility Community Interest Company (CIC) to acquire and take on running the TSC site as general use community facility.

"A CIC is a special form of non-charitable limited company which exists primarily to benefit a community rather than to make a profit. There are about 14,000 such organisations in the country running clubs and facilities for their communities.

"A fundamental feature of a CIC is an 'Asset Lock'. This ensures that the assets of the company can never be cashed in by or transferred to private individuals."

James Snowdon, spokesperson for CIC, has outlined what Twyford Community Facility will need to do.

He said: "Assuming the TSC decides to take the CIC option forwards, the TCF CIC will be formally established, will publicise its objectives and seek widest possible community engagement and support.

"It is likely that some members of the current TCF CIC group team above will continue to establish and run the CIC – but we’d like to broaden the makeup of the CIC team to represent the whole community.

"Twyford Parish Council is being kept informed of the TCF CIC proposal but are not currently expressing any intent to be directly involved.

"The TCF group reflected on the work done a few years ago by Twyford Community Project and also the purchase of Berry Meadow on behalf of the village.

"They propose that taking on the site from TSC will satisfy an enduring need in the Village for additional community space in the village - TCP proved that the Parish Hall and Hunter Park pavilion are inadequate."