A WINCHESTER woman has been disqualified after she was caught drug driving in the city centre.

Nicola Jane Garrad, 40, was found to be seven times the limit for benzoylecgonine, a breakdown compound of cocaine.

Garrad, of Winnall Manor Road, Winnall, was stopped whilst driving a red 69-reg Citroen C5 on Gordon Road on October 30. The reading in her blood was 384ug/l when the limit is 50.

She was also tested for cocaine and her reading was 14ug/l when the legal limit is 10.

Magistrates in Basingstoke banned her from driving for three years, fined her £160, as well as a £34 victim surcharge and £35, which will be taken from her benefits.

Garrad was also convicted of drug driving on the M3 last autumn and banned for two years. This second offence took place before that court appearance.