CLIMATE campaigners have slammed the city council's latest budget.

Winchester Action on Climate Change believe the spending plan for the next year "looks as though it's been written for a completely different authority".

Civic chiefs claim their main priority is for the district to be carbon neutral by 2030.

But WinACC chairman Chris Holloway said that the budget does not support this well enough.

Speaking at a cabinet meeting on February 11 she added: "I'd firstly like to thank the work that has gone into this budget and we welcome the emphasis on better transport.

"But we want to see more, such as adding plans to make existing buildings greener. I expected to see a golden thread running through the council plan and the spending plan, but the budget looks as though it's been written for completely a different authority.

"Unless we know roughly what to spend where, there is the risk that all the money will be gobbled up in advance. This is not something that can be made up along the way.

"The financial strategy needs to be clearer, and we must invest in stopping global warming."

Ms Holloway then asked members of cabinet to pass on a message to all councillors across the district.

She said: "When the climate emergency was announced, everybody supported it. We want you all to support it now with your actions as well as your words.

"We cannot allow this climate emergency to become political football."

The leader of the council, Cllr Lucille Thompson, who also chaired the meeting, noted down Ms Holloway's comments to be considered throughout the agenda.