SIX weeks have passed since the UK entered a third national lockdown and people are beginning to wonder if the end is in sight.

Boris Johnson has said this week that the easing of England’s lockdown will be based on a “cautious and prudent approach”, as he was urged to focus on data rather than dates when lifting restrictions.

The Prime Minister stressed that lifting restrictions needs to be done in stages and said that his road map out of lockdown on Monday will be done in a way that ensures it is “irreversible”.

This has prompted people to ask- when will lockdown end?

Here is everything we know so far about when and how England's lockdown will be eased.

February 22

A lockdown ‘exit roadmap’ should be published during this week which will then go before Parliament for debate.

The exit strategy could be similar to the one set out May last year, which gave dates for non-essential shops and hospitality businesses to resume - but these dates will not be set in stone.

The lockdown exit plan is likely to involve gradual easing of restrictions, the Prime Minister said: "On February 22, we will be setting out in as much detail as we can about where we see the dates, what the timetable could be, the earliest dates by which we want to do what - you remember what we did last year - setting out a route map, we’ll do that again."

The first actual easing of restrictions isn't expected until at least March 8.

February 25

The reopening of schools and colleges will be debated on February 25, with MPs scrutinising the national 'education route map'.

March 8

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This is the earliest date schools could reopen in England.

It has been rumoured that if schools do open on this date, primary schools and those in exam years at secondary school will return first.

Only after this will non-essential shops, pubs and the like start to reopen.

March 31

This is the date the current lockdown legislation for England ends. However lockdown could still be extended if the MPs approve the move in parliament.

April 4

Boris Johnson claimed restrictions would be substantially lifted by this point.

“I think we can certainly look forward to a very, very different world in this country, from Easter onwards,” the PM said.

The Government may allow pubs and restaurants to reopen after Easter in April as long as they agree not to sell alcohol, according to reports.

A temporary "booze ban" in April - meaning dry pubs and restaurants - is one proposal being considered as part of the three-phase road map, the Telegraph said.

April 30

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This is the latest date by which all over-50s and at-risk groups are meant to have been offered their first dose, according to the NHS.

After that, the NHS will move onto giving first doses to the final, lowest-priority group - all adults under 50 without major health issues.


Early April could be a more realistic date that pubs, restaurants and other hospitality businesses would be allowed to reopen.

SAGE experts have previously said May would be a safer date for reopening the hospitality sector - if infection rates can be brought down.

July 17

Rules allowing councils to close pubs, restaurants, shops and parks expire on this date - so it is the current latest date we could see ongoing closures in England.