WINCHESTER no longer boasts a Michelin Star rated restaurant.

The Black Rat in Chesil Street has been demoted by the world-renowned rating system.

It is one of 22 restaurants in the UK to lose its accolade – six of which have permanently closed due to Covid.

Speaking to The Caterer, restaurant critic Andy Hayler said: "I'm guessing Michelin will not demote many places and it shouldn't do, as it's been a very challenging time for restaurants and you would expect a few consistency issues.

"Michelin doesn't typically demote – it's slow to give stars, but it's also slow to take them away. Many restaurants that have been deleted over the years have just closed. It does happen of course, but they're few and far between."

The Chronicle has tried to contact owner David Nicholson for a comment but is yet to receive a response.

Mr Nicholson also runs The Black Boy Pub, The Black Bottle wine bar and The Black Hole bed and breakfast.