PLANS for a new sports pavilion part paid for by community fundraising appears to be back on track.

Residents in Hyde in Winchester had been furious when the city council said it was reviewing the Hyde Pavilion scheme because costs were climbing above budget.

Fundraisers had raised more than £200,000 toward the £800,000 of replacement building at North Walls Recreation Ground. But all tenders received were at least £150,000 over budget.

The Town Forum, comprising city councillors representing the city wards, agreed to support proposals to amend the design/specification for the pavilion and keep it within budget.

It reaffirmed its commitment to the scheme and that the £595,000 funding approved in January 2020 is still available.

Richard Botham, strategic director, said: "The tenders from contractors had been higher than expected and we have gone back to them and them them to review them and provide fresh prices"

He said the new deadline is February 15, "then we will determine how to review the options. If they are within budget we can move forward."

Another new pavilion that the forum is supporting is at King George V playing field at Highcliffe, at a cost of £1.2m. It will be the base for girls' and women's football.

Mike Caldwell, a trustee of the Pavilion Project, told the forum: "We welcome the report and are pleased there will be a thorough evaluation process. We welcome the formation of a project board to manage the process going forward."

Mr Caldwell disputed the calculations that have put the scheme over budget and told councillors the pavilion would generate income for the council as it would be bookable throughout the year.

Another new pavilion is also planned, at King George V playing field at Highcliffe, at a cost of £1.2m. It will be the base for girls' and women's football.

Allan Higgs, chairman of Winchester City Flyers, welcomed news of the progress on the new pavilion at King George V playing field. "I have had a look at the plans and they are rather good."

Cllr Kelsie Learney said: "I'm pleased Mr Higgs is at this meeting. North Walls (Hyde) Pavilion is a very good project but KGV is in danger of being lost. It is inportant to emphasise that it will be a district facility as a centre of girls and women's football. Something has the potential to be really proud of."

Cllr Dominic Hiscock said the Hyde pavilion should not be looked at as a business: "It is not there to make money. It is there to provide a service. It would be a great shame, if it doesn't make money, to think of it as a failure."