MOST little boys receive their best Christmas presents from Santa but that wasn’t the case with 20-month-old William Jenks.

Instead of wearing a red suit and driving a sleigh, his heroes wore orange ones and drove a bin lorry and they also left him the wonderful surprise gift.

For outside the door of his Winchester home he discovered that his local team of refuse collectors had left him a personalised hi-viz vest blazoned with the words ‘Bill the Bin Man.’

His mother Caroline Woolley, 46, a forensic accountant, said: "We were all overcome by their kindness. They know that for Bill the highlight of his week is when they come to collect the bins. They are his absolute heroes.

"He and our Doberman dog Jess, wait at the gate to wave at them and he even made them all Christmas cards.

"It was the best present ever when he found that they had made something for him and he wears it with pride every week."

Caroline was so impressed that she reported the good deed of binmen Dom, Grant and Adam to her local Winchester city council as well as to her local MP.

She added: "Our key workers have done so much for us all this year and for them to perform such an act of kindness for a little boy is wonderful. They are brilliant and always professional. We owe them a great debt."