SIR: Perusing various media outlets and the city council website to get some information about the proposed green waste collection bins, I was surprised by the immense lack of hard information about exactly why we are to have this inflicted upon us by the LibConDems. Every news outlet seems to shout there is a significant increase in demand for increased green waste collection, but nowhere is there any hard evidence to substantiate this statement. Little evidence is provided that the green bag collection has been a complete failure necessitating a very costly replacement.

At the same time, I recall visiting the Chesil Tunnel and seeing thousands of perfectly Council waste bins stored there. Enquiries to the Council elicited no information whatsoever about what they are for, why they are not being used and how much this is costing each year. Why are these not being used?

This new scheme really is a giant LibConDem con, preceding the local elections with glad tidings of green rubbish collection that will cost you more. They have the population over a barrel. What a time to start extracting extra money from Council taxpayers as a demonstration of specious prudent fiscal administration. Nowhere is there any evidence as to why this policy is necessary. Nobody has the information to support its introduction and it is clearly not in the public realm. Another stunt by the LibConDems in the middle of a pandemic.

I also see that they have abandoned local printers. Your glossy fairy tale newspaper from them is now printed in Dundee. This illustrates their complete lack of interest in supporting local print firms, both in Winchester and the surrounding areas. It is a travesty that struggling businesses in this area are being ignored and money is flowing into Scotland. Clearly, they have no business negotiating skills that would ensure the fairy tale newspapers are printed locally. I would welcome information about these fiascos.

Peter Rees


Winchester Constituency Labour Party,

Monarch Way,