SIR: I am a pensioner with money put by for enjoying my retirement, but, under Covid restrictions, with few places to go and spend it in places such as entertainment and hospitality venues, the very places which need financial support right now.

If I was able to purchase vouchers now for places/ businesses I should enjoy visiting when the restrictions are over, this might just help some of these businesses stay afloat.

It could be up to individual businesses to offer their own voucher scheme, but it might be possible for this to be a national voucher scheme, where for example, I might buy £100 (or more) worth of vouchers which could be used to support those businesses across the board who enter the voucher scheme and receive support. Such a scheme might ease the pressure on government financial support while enabling hard-pressed businesses to keep their noses above water.

Just a thought.

Dave Alderson,

Cherry Close,

South Wonston