SIR: Now the contra-flow system is in place on one carriageway of the A31 between Alresford and Winchester, it is obvious that this is a wholly inappropriate site for a lorry park.

Presumably the location was chosen by central government to alleviate commercial traffic congestion in Portsmouth caused by Brexit bureaucracy from 1 Jan 2021.

I suspect local authorities had as much say as local residents: from a safety perspective this is worse than a smart motorway. In case of break-down motorists are told to wait for recovery vehicle but apart from none in the vicinity there is no obvious way for them to reach any stopped car within the contra-flow.

This has all the hall-marks of an accident looking for somewhere to happen. Do we even have an end date for this inconvenience? Why wasn’t a section of the M27 used instead of the A31?

Garry Honey,

Northbrook Avenue,

St Giles Hill,