IT WAS built with sustainability as the top priority.

Now, Barton Farm Primary is striving to become the first carbon neutral school in Hampshire.

The structure has already been nominated for several design awards and has a range of sustainable features including solar panels to generate electricity. Unused product is returned back to the grid.

A ‘green roof’ has been planted to increase the bio-diversity and a rain water harvesting system is used to flush the toilets.

Headteacher Nicola Wells said: "We are really proud of our eco-credentials. We are committed to reducing our impact on our planet and teaching our children about how they can live sustainable lives."

The school is also lit by LEDs and has lighting controls to ensure they switch off when not in use.

From January 2021, Barton Farm Primary will only be using green gas and renewable electricity to reduce carbon emissions even further.

Although the school has only been open for a term it has already gained its Eco Schools Bronze Award and is looking to achieve a Silver Award by the summer.

Reception class children have been busy this term with a number of eco projects including planting seeds to grow vegetables and flowers to attract bees and insects.

They have also been learning about recycling and thinking about habitats for endangered species such as hedgehogs.

Next term they will be looking at how to reduce energy usage and food waste.