A WINCHESTER businesswoman is offering her time to help NHS workers on the frontline with their to-do lists.

Shelley Lawlor launched her business Time Genies around 18 months ago mainly supporting busy professionals, but now she has offered five hours a work to run errands for healthcare staff in the city.

She said: “My business is built around wanting to help people improve their quality of life, my main clients are busy professional people that don’t have a lot of time to look after their own to-do lists.

“It is fairly new, trading for a year and a half, and it was really started to get some momentum just before lockdown and then of course lockdown came along.”

Shelley said many of her clients were now working from home and had time to complete their to-do lists, which meant they were not in need of her services.

With the new strain of coronavirus affecting more people and NHS workers treating a greater number of people, she decided to offer her time to healthcare staff in Winchester.

Whether someone needs help shopping, taking their pet to their vets or a house sitter to wait in for their boiler to be repaired, the businesswoman is ready to help those on the frontline for free.

“I thought I’ve got more time on my hands so I can help people that are supporting other people,” she said.

“NHS workers are being asked to come back off holiday, and this is what my business is – it is about helping people.

“They may be doing long shifts at work and not have any time or energy to go and look after their own lives and they could do with somebody giving them a little support.”

Shelley hopes that with her support NHS workers will be able to help others and not have to worry about their to-do lists.

Since launching the idea last week Shelley has received many kind words from those in the city, but has yet to hear from anyone needing support - she hopes that this will change shortly as more people hear of her gesture, saying on her social media: “We would love to make this happen”.

If you would like help from Shelley or know someone who could use her support, go to www.thetimegenies.com or search ‘Time Genies’ on Facebook.