CORONAVIRUS infection rates continue to climb and with a tier review expected tomorrow, many are wondering if there will be a new Tier 5 introduced.

Government scientists have reportedly told Boris Johnson that stricter measures are needed to stop the virus from spiralling out of control.

A review which will decide whether more areas will be moved into the harshest tier is expected tomorrow, December 30, as the new highly infectious variant spreads across the UK.

More than six million people in east and south-east England went into the highest level of restrictions on Saturday, which now affects 24 million people.

The tier review will consider the surge in hospital admissions and infection rates.

There are currently more people in hospital with the virus than during the first wave peak in April and infection hit a new high with 41,385 cases confirmed yesterday, December 28.

So what would the tougher measure entail?

There is no suggestion stricter measure would be labelled "Tier 5", but there are calls for tougher restrictions than the current Tier 4.

Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove has not ruled out the whole country being moved into Tier 4 whilst the PM has not ruled out a third national lockdown.

Current Tier 4 restrictions require non-essential shops to close, along with pubs, bars and restaurants.

Leisure and entertainment venues must also close their doors, but schools remain open.

You can only meet one person, not from your household or bubble, outside in a public place such as a park.

If stricter measures were introduced, they may take similar shape to the first lockdown back in March.

Under the first lockdown, schools were shut, elderly and vulnerable people were forced to “shield” and people were unable to meet anyone from another household, even for a walk around the park.

Travelling to holiday homes or second homes was banned, hotels were closed and even playgrounds were shut.

You were only permitted to leave your home for specific reasons, such as exercise that was limited to one hour a day per person.

All of these past restrictions may be reconsidered to curb the rise in infections.

However, Michael Gove has insisted that the government is prioritising children returning to school over reducing the infection levels.

The next tier review will be on December 30 and it will determine if we will enter 2021 in another lockdown.