SIR: Phil Yates's letter regards Sherriff & Ward opened the memory banks for me (Chronicle, December 10).

I started my working life in the store and was a Space Elf in Santa's Grotto that year and remember the outfit well. I wonder where the lovely tinkling music machine with the big metal discs went? Up in Minnie's room behind the clock perhaps!

The list of staff names, faces and jobs is growing and I am sure there are many more ex-staff who will find this letter a brain teaser. Some of the names included are Bess who worked in the top of the building making up curtains; Miss Chittendon, Betty, Stan, Tony and Dave, so on and so on.

I hope this brings back memories for many more readers and the great local characters, shops and goods sold in the past.

Margaret Grant,

Buriton Road,