SIR: I entirely agree with Mr O’Neill that the treatment of residents of care homes during the first lockdown was a disgrace, and should be investigated fully (Chronicle, Letters, December 10).

Matt Hancock stated on national television in May that there was 'a protective ring of care’ around care homes, but this was shown not to be the case when thousands of people died, staff as well as residents, and many of the survivors were permanently damaged, physically and/or mentally, by the illness and the enforced isolation.

The lack of provision of the right sort of PPE is another issue, as The Good Law Project has shown that contracts to supply equipment were fast-tracked and awarded to people known to government representatives but not necessarily competent, and we already knew that much of the PPE that arrived was not fit for purpose. Investigation should help to ensure that none of that happens again. We are already in a second wave of the virus, and may be heading for a third, so this needs sorting out: adequate PPE must be supplied, and people in care homes must be properly protected and allowed to see their families.

Let us ensure that at least our Hampshire MPs are on the case by emailing, phoning or writing to them.

Mrs D Barnes,

Glenlea Close,

West End