SIR: Recent letters to the Chronicle focus on Winchester's High Street and Central Winchester Regeneration - regeneration is a misnomer when applied to this council's progress.

Let's start with the High Street - Debenham's, a much liked older department store, is closing and thus is now just a building. Why not repurpose the building as the new surgery for the St Clements practice - it could be operational much quicker than waiting for new-build.

Next - the Broadway. Why can't work start immediately on removing the central parking strip, and landscaping the view of King Alfred? Then, the buses - put a bus station in place of the sad Friarsgate car park, entering off Tanner Street and exiting onto Friarsgate - easy to access for laden shoppers, and not interfering with pedestrians in Silver Hill regeneration, and a lot cheaper than the scheme for Kings Walk.

Finally, Council, put forth some of the action you were elected for - refurbish the Lower Brook, and plant trees along it, plus trees in portable containers elsewhere in the regeneration area - thus beginning to fulfil your Green promises, and a relatively inexpensive start for a long-delayed, maybe even obstructed project.

Terry Gould,

Fairfield Road,