SIR: Jackie Porter in the latest Liberal Democrat flyer otherwise known as the “Worthys Focus” writing about the Tesco junction traffic congestion nightmare said, “we stand by our commitment to find a solution to this increasingly busy junction”.

I and my neighbours would like more than political rhetoric. The solutions are there for the taking, and have been since well before Covid and lockdown produced the excuses for inaction. Traffic flow and congestion will be improved by removing the grass verges and putting in a parking bay on Hookpit Farm Lane so that traffic can flow unobstructed both ways. Parking restrictions (yellow lines) on the Springvale Road and Hookpit Lane junction to prevent people leaving their cars while they nip into Tesco’s would help and possibly moving the bus stop further away from the junction would certainly make the area safer. What is needed is political action and financing, not weaselly words and Liberal Democrat hand-wringing.

The Conservatives who also promised action (notably Caroline Horrill at a public meeting two years ago) are no better. I wonder as the local elections planned for next Spring come closer and local politicians seek votes what the political promises will be then?

Karen McCleery,

Hookpit Farm Lane,

Kings Worthy