SIR: Having been a resident of Winchester for only a few years I’m still discovering many of the fantastic locations around the city. Generally the architecture around the city centre is something to admire and it makes living here a privilege.

Then heading back home on Friday I was amazed to see how Network Rail appear to be revamping the fencing on Upper High Street. Though not a stand out location or bridge in the city but it blended in with the local area. The rails for example matching other properties, such as those which surround the nearby St Paul’s Church.

Well not now.

Whilst I appreciate that safety must be in the forefront of any design, surely erecting a fence that makes the bridge look like the entrance to Winchester prison (sorry the prison entrance is actually better looking) is a travesty.

I’d love to know who thought the new design would be a like for like replacement. Its awful, please Network Rail take a second look and stop it being an eyesore for the next 50 years...

Jez Banks,

Stockbridge Road,



A Network Rail statement said: “The wire mesh has been installed to prevent people from trespassing onto the railway.”