SIR: There seems to be a very worrying trend in Winchester; that being attempts by either land owners, property developers and also an individual who, contrary to agreement on purchase, wishes to destroy the much loved and indeed treasured Water Garden.

One of the most dramatically damaging plans is to destroy the pristine natural countryside between Badger Farm, Oliver's Battery and Hursley by building 5,000 houses (Chronicle, November 26th).

Residents of Winchester and surrounding area adore the city and historical heritage and would never countenance such plans.

Ultimately Winchester City Council and Hampshire County Council must form a united front in representing the residents of Winchester. Nobody could possibly praise such ruinous plans.

With regard to the Water Garden, I personally would be honoured to help others dedicated to its preservation, trim the trees to ensure the sculpture is visible.

Winchester is probably the best city in England to live. Let us not destroy such a gem.

Simon Lever

Juniper Close,

Badger Farm