SIR: Referring to your article last week titled “Councillor resigns from Tory Group” “as she has concerns that her work for Boomtown could embarrass the Group” (Chronicle, November 19).

The sheer audacity of Boomtown in offering paid work to a serving elected member of the council, is shocking. “I will be advising on planning, licensing and development” where she has acquired intimate knowledge of the ins and outs of planning / licensing applications whilst serving as a councillor. This would be in direct conflict with the large number of objections to the expansion of Boomtown.

From the relatively modest beginnings of a pop festival, Boomtown has by creep reached the very summit of Cheesefoot Head, the highest point of Winchester, causing maximum light and noise pollution, destroying ancient endemic fauna and flora and ground and airborne wildlife.

We now have Covid-19 present in human waste water, several tons of which may end up polluting our waterways.

If the National Park Authority and its equivalent has any clout apart from in name, it must exercise its duty of care to curb this nuisance by refusing permission for a licence and at the very least, insist on a significant cut to attendee numbers so as to confine the nuisance to the bottom of the hill.

It remains to be seen if our authorities are capable of action.

Mrs G Haddow,

Chapel Lane,