SIR: It's truly shocking that Hampshire County Council is doing so little to address the real concerns that residents have with the speed and proven danger of the Andover Road following the death of a local resident earlier this year and the big increase in people needing to cross the road. We would be abdicating our responsibility as locally elected councillors if we didn't do everything in our power to get that decision changed.

Enthusiastic support for a community campaign should not be misconstrued as ‘hijacking’ it. (Chronicle, November 26). At every point in the recent Focus Special on Kings Barton the petition being supported was referred to as the Residents’ Association Petition. Petitions by their very nature require people to have access to them and to sign them. That was what we were facilitating. The Lib Dems locally fully support the Residents’ Association Petition, and have done as much as we can to encourage others locally to do so too.

Cllr Jane Rutter,

Liberal Democrat,

Editor, Worthys Focus community newsletters