SIR: I was amazed to read Kim Gottlieb’s letter in last week’s edition (November 26). This is the second time he has called for a chief executive of Winchester City Council to go.

He may well be right that the council lacks the in-depth skills necessary to manage large development projects. But that is not just the responsibility of the chief executive - it is also that of councillors who agree budgets. It is a pity the council, after losing the first court case, did not spend some money addressing any critical staffing issues. Instead we had two years of council tax freezes which saved the average council tax payer only £5 a year.

Mr Gottlieb alleges that Laura Taylor (chief executive) would not allow him access to certain documents. Having taken the council to court earlier it is not surprising if she thought he might do the same again.

He fell out with colleagues in the Conservative group and it would appear the same thing happened when he switched to the Lib Dems. Having been re-elected in a new ward only last year, it is a pity he could not be more collegiate and help to remedy any structural shortcomings from within - rather than just resign.

Of course he is entitled to criticise the council and its political leadership, but to criticise public servants who cannot respond is cowardly - Winchester is better than this!

Andrew Beadle,

Milesdown Place,

St Giles Hill,