SIR: Dr Burwood seems to find cyclists annoying see letter October 22nd, one comment was “Cycling has adverse consequences on narrow roads into this small city.”

I think cars are anti-social for the amount of space they take up, the noise, and the pollution. The Dutch cycling news stated

“A car moving at 50 km/hr requires 140 sq. m. of road space.

A bicycle moving at 15 km/hr requires 5 sq. m. of road space”

Thus cars take up 28 times more space than cycles.

Cars take up a great deal of room and not only when driving, car parks also take up a great deal of land which could be used better for housing, or retail.

If we used cars less and cycled more then we could use the space not taken up by cars on too busy roads for pedestrians, and Winchester would return to being a city for residents and visitors. We would avoid noise, pollution and a poor use of land. Our ability to move about would give us more peace of mind if there were fewer cars, as we would not be worried that we would hit by one.

I would like a congestion charge in Winchester as in the centre up St George’s street, North Walls, and Jewry Street the traffic divides the town up.

Rupert Pitt,

St Cross Road,