SIR: I am writing to you as the Chair of the Kings Barton Residents Association about the Petition that was referenced in the Hampshire Chronicle article of November 19. The Kings Barton Residents Association is an independent organisation working with individuals of all political persuasions for the good of this community. Our petition has captured the interest of political parties to which KBRA is not affiliated, as we are a non-political organisation, but we welcome the support of our MP and of councillors of any party for our petition.

Since forming our association in 2018, we regularly attend the Kings Barton Forum and have advocated for better lighting, footpath improvements and road safety on Andover Road. The tragic fatal pedestrian accident in January 2020 that occurred on Andover Road near Halls Farm Close reinforced the need to focus on the safety of this main artery into town.

Following correspondence with Hampshire County Council earlier in the year, we were told that the number of people crossing at this location in early March did not justify the installation of a light-controlled crossing. We have pointed out that children from Harestock and Weeke cross Andover Road to reach Barton Farm Academy school and children from Kings Barton and Headbourne Worthy cross Andover Road to reach Henry Beaufort school and other local schools and nurseries. So far we have not been successful in gaining county council support for a controlled crossing and reduced speed limit from 50mph to 30mph. We decided to start a petition to formally request the necessary safety improvements, and have gained the support of several organisations and local groups as your article reports.

Not being affiliated with any political party, we wish our petition to remain independent and so, after collecting signatures on paper from our closest residents and due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are now offering interested and concerned Winchester residents the opportunity to sign an online version of the petition at

Caterina Zucca,


Kings Barton Residents Association,

Venta Drive,


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