CITY councillors have with 'disappointment' approved a garage in a historical location in Alresford that has been built in the wrong place.

But although they have been snubbed they are not going to do anything about it.

Mr and Mrs Peter Young have built a garage 60cm from where it should have been built at Broadgate Lodge, off Broad Street, despite being warned by council officers.

Councillors have said they are getting tired of seeing retrospective applications for buildings that have already been built.

The planning committee heard that neighbour James Ekins responded immediately to the building being built not in accordance with planning permission and alerted the council.

He told the planning committee last Thursday that the misplaced building was not trivial but seriously affected the setting of his home, a grade II listed, dating from the 17th century. He told the committee that he had warned the enforcement team immediately but nothing had been done.

Mr Ekins, along with 19 objections, was supported by local councillor Margot Power who said: "The garage has no respect for the setting and should not be permitted."

Philip Piper, agent for the Youngs, said the garage had to be moved because of brick piers on an adjoining wall that had not been included on the original planning application.

He said: "This has no detrimental impact and should be approved."

Local council Russell Gordon-Smith said: "We are in a conservation area in one of the nicest towns in Hampshire. I'm extremely unhappy about the way it has been carried out. It is detracting from very sensitive location."

Councillors queried why the work carried on when officers had raised concerns. Mr Piper said enforcement officer Oliver Dempster said the changes would "probably be acceptable."

Committee chairman Therese Evans said the building was ow much more "in your face" but added it would be unreasonable to expect Mr Young to take it down.

Cllr David McLean agreed: "I'm disappointed someone felt they can go ahead without obeying city council rules on planning applications."

He said the council the council should review its rules to gain "some teeth".

It's not been a good week for the councillors on the planning committee after the council was thumped with costs by a planning inspector for refusing an application at a property on Main Road, Colden Common.