SIR: The new housing land-allocation procedures are so complex (algorithms?) that interpreting areas designated‎ for construction is challenging to say the least with varied definitions of land-types creating further confusion. (Chronicle, November 5).

Parish councils representing the interests of local residents who are highly concerned. The Government White Paper gives the impression of remote detachment regarding local concerns.

Winchester's location offers local green pastures, woodland hills and rivers where the case for the preservation of the green belt is of increasing importance.

Brownfield sites must be evaluated and built on first.

‎However, there must be no 're-defining' of the meaning of 'greenfield/greenbelt' and 'brownfield'.

‎The Council for the Protection of Rural England is to be positively acknowledged for proposing a Green Belt for Southern Hampshire: ultimately to prevent an horrendous urban sprawl.

‎Actually witnessing the beauty of our region makes it even more crucial to protect greenfield areas.

Simon Lever,

Juniper Close,

Badger Farm,