DEALING with the fallout from the Covid lockdown cannot be left to policing alone, Hampshire Police Federation has warned.

Pubs, restaurants and non-essential shops have closed while unnecessary travel in and out of local areas should be avoided as the Government bids to curb the rising number of Covid cases across the country.

Hampshire Police Federation chair Zoe Wakefield says officers have coped brilliantly with the extra demands placed on them during the pandemic so far but says they cannot be expected to deal with the problems lockdown causes alone.

“Officers have become very good at adapting to the changing circumstances due to Covid, and now they will do it all again,” she said.

“Just as they had got their heads around the Rule of 6, it’s all change again, but it’s necessary change.

“Police officers will want to do their part in getting the county through this, whilst still coping with the normal demands of everyday policing, as well as caring for their families during these difficult times.

“The Government need to not leave everything to the police as there just aren’t enough of us to do it all. It would be nice to hear the Prime Minister publicly thank the police for all the work they have done and are continuing to do in keeping the public safe, dealing with and preventing disorder due to Covid restrictions.”

The great job officers have been doing has been reflected by the public, Zoe added.

“A recent local survey showed that 60 per cent of the public thought the police did a good or a very good job of policing the Covid rules.

“Now my message to colleagues is to look after yourselves and your families. If you need support, please contact the Federation,” she said.

“This is a really challenging time, so don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

“Remember, the majority of the public support us and will adhere to the rules. For those who don’t, we will engage with them first, but enforcement will always be an option.”