QUESTIONS have arisen after a police speed camera van was believed to be illegally parked on a grassy verge in Winchester.

A motorist, who wishes to remain anonymous, spotted the van parked alongside double yellow lines in Worthy Road earlier this month.

It is believed that the camera was parked illegally, and he spoke to the person inside who said they had been “parking there for years catching speeding motorists”.

He told Belgarum: “I then clearly pointed out that she was parked illegally and that they are not exempt from parking restrictions. Meaning thousand motorists have been caught speeding by a camera that legally should not be there.”

A civilian was said to be inside the vehicle.

“The women was sarcastic towards me, and thought the whole situation was funny as I did not know the law.”

He added: “Another member of the public joined our discussion and agreed she should not park there and was breaking the law.

“Clearly breaking the law and making speeding convictions unsafe. This needs to be made public as it is a disgrace.”

Hampshire police were contacted for a comment but it has yet to respond.

In 2015 the driver of a speed camera van in Gloucestershire was fined for obstructing both the pavement and a cycle lane.