SIR: Many of your readers will be aware of the danger to pedestrians caused by the narrow pavements on the bridge over the River Itchen at the bottom of the High Street. There has been talk of a pedestrian bridge alongside the current bridge to alleviate this hazard.

This illustration shows how this might be accomplished. If the southern pavement is closed and used as part of the road, it would allow the dangerously narrow north pavement to be widened, while the pedestrian bridge would provide a safe river crossing separated from the traffic, and even allow space for people to pause and look at the river.

Another advantage would be to provide more space at the top of the steps and ramp up from The Weirs, and, while they are at it, the steep ramp should be lengthened to accord with disabled access regulations.

Finally, a set of pedestrian traffic lights could be installed, synchronised with the existing pedestrian lights around the corner in Chesil Street, to allow a safe pedestrian crossing of Bridge Street into Water Lane.

Does this seem sensible and do-able?

Peter Liddiard,

Parchment Street,