Bishop's Waltham

20/02128/FUL, Davey, construction of one new two storey, two bedroom dwelling on land to the side of the existing residential property; garden conversion for parking, 9 Cunningham Avenue.

20/02167/HOU, Mr and Mrs Woods, single storey porch and new car port following demolition of existing garage building, Sunny Banks, Victoria Road.

20/02320/FUL, Chris Southcott, change the design of plot seven and amend the wording of the description to read semi detached houses, Post Mead, Shore Lane.

20/02332/LIS, Kevin Jones, new hanging sign, Golden Boat R2 Restaurant, The Square.

Colden Common

20/02166/HOU, Anthony Kirby, erection of grow and store combined shed-greenhouse on new concrete base in rear garden to replace existing timber garden shed, Blackberry Cottage, 30 Vears Lane.

20/02345/TPO, Richard Kleiser, tree works, 11 Tees Green.

Compton and Shawford

20/02155/HOU, Mr and Mrs Hoad, single storey pitched flat roof extension to the side of the building to create kitchen, utility room and family snug room, Two Bridges, 2 Otterbourne Road.

Curdridge PC

20/02354/TPO, Mr Everton, tree works, Squirrels, Botley Road.

20/02395/TPO, Sarah Stubbing, tree works, Oak Tree House, Wangfield Lane.


20/01923/HOU, Daniel Whiteley, proposed dropped kerb to accommodate larger vehicle access, Ferndale, Hambledon Road.

20/02032/OUT, Jeffrey Ferguson, house on land to the south of Inhams Farm House.

20/02370/TPO, Neil Dunkley, tree works including fell, The Chestnuts, School Lane.

Headbourne Worthy

20/02311/FUL, Mark Harding, solar farm and battery storage facility together with all associated works, equipment and necessary infrastructure, land to the east of the A272.

Kings Worthy

20/02093/HOU, Martin Halverson, replacement of existing conservatory, 8 Lynn Way.

20/02225/FUL, Andrew Burgess, development of two detached and two semi detached dwellings following demolition of existing bungalow, 22 Springvale Road.

Littleton and Harestock

20/02143/HOU, Steve Bailey, double storey rear extension, front single storey porch, 33 Andover Road North.

20/02344/TPO, Dr Chris James, tree works, Beech Rise, Rewlands Drive.


20/01946/HOU, Michael Crompton, outside office in the garden, made of wood, 63-67 Church Street.

20/02338/TCP, EE (UK) Ltd, telecommunications lattice tower, East Stoke Farm, Bazeley Copse Lane.

New Alresford

20/02092/FUL, Darran Smith, single storey extension to the rear, 29 Watercress Meadow.

20/02349/FUL, Mr and Mrs Coleman, alterations to 20/00390/HOU, Longwood House, Bishop's Sutton Road.

20/02353/TPO, Simon Pryor, tree works including fell, 73 Jacklyns Lane.

20/02366/TPO, John Ball, tree works including fell, 7 Ash Walk.


20/02095/HOU, Mrs Saad, ground floor granny annexe and utility room extension, The Lodge House, Oakwood Close.

20/02149/HOU, Mr and Mrs Dodd, two storey extension, Gilpins, Park Lane.

20/02162/HOU, Mr and Dr Amonoo-Kuofi, new vehicle access, two storey side extension, single storey side extension, loft conversion with front and rear facing dormers, 25 Chapel Lane.

20/02329/TPO, Robert Jennings, tree works, The Old Parsonage Care Home, Main Road.


20/01675/FUL, Richard Weller, three bay extension to existing barn, land opposite Spring Cottage, Curdridge Lane.

20/02096/HOU, Mr Owens and Ms Smith, single storey rear extension with wrap around roof, Oak Villa, Twynhams Hill.


20/02207/HOU, Kevin Lamport, single storey and two storey front and rear extensions and detached annex in rear garden, Threeways, Heath Road.


20/02390/TPO, Mr Somerville, tree works, Broad Lane House, Broad Lane.

20/02391/TPO, Mr and Mrs Glover, tree works, Ippolyts Lodge, Broad Lane.


20/01592/FUL, Julie Wilson, change of use to a secure dog area for training purposes, Woodlands Farm, Alma Lane.

Whiteley Town Council

20/02145/FUL, Henock Baire, change of use from open space to private garden, 26 Maple Rise.


20/02156/HOU, Mr Duffy, first floor rear extension, 16 Cold Harbour Close.

20/02385/TPO, ABRI Housing Ltd, tree works, 4 Noctule Court.

20/01638/HOU, James Sharrock, rear single story extension and replacement front porch, 105 Taplings Road.


20/02044/AVC, applicant not listed, fascia sign, projecting sign and light box sign, 47 Upper Brook Street.

20/02114/HOU, Mr Batson, car parking deck, Overcombe, Petersfield Road.

20/02131/FUL, Mr Read, change of use from office to residential, 8A St Thomas Street.

20/02161/HOU, Mr and Mrs Willson, single storey rear extension, 3 Fordington Road.

20/02284/TPO, James Zorab, tree works, 6 Chester Road.

20/02285/FUL, Fiona Barnett, replacement of timber and metal balcony screens with powder coated galvanised steel vertical bar design, Farringdon Court, Northlands Drive.

20/02317/TPC, Mr Holloway, tree works, 25 Edgar Road.

20/02322/TPO, Bailey, tree works, 5 Priors Barton.

20/02324/TPO, applicant not listed, tree works, Farley, Dean Place.

20/02379/TPC, Lestock-Reid, tree works, Kingdons Yard, Parchment Street.

20/02384/TPC, applicant not listed, tree works, The Townhouse, Wharf Hill.

20/02388/TPC, Mr McKearney, tree works, 15 Quarry Road.

20/02394/TPC, Will Ferguson, tree works, St Swithuns Gate, Kingsgate Road.