SIR: May I please through your columns thank our wonderful NHS for all the care and attention they gave me recently.

Firstly, to Gratton Surgery in Sutton Scotney who fitted me into their very tight schedule, quickly and accurately diagnosed my heart problem and getting me booked into the RHCH.

Secondly, to all the staff at the hospital from the admission area to the McGill Ward. All the nurses, day and night staff, admin, hygiene, cleaning and catering personnel. Not forgetting the surgical staff who 'kept tabs' on my diagnostic results and confirmed my problem.

Thirdly, to the Ambulance Service who expertly whisked me up to the Basingstoke North Hants Hospital at close to midnight.

Finally to the CCU staff in the Sherborne Wing for their care and attention and to the surgical staff who quickly put me at ease and speedily and expertly installed my 'little box'.

I cannot believe that in these difficult times with all the Covid pressures, constant demand for hospital beds. having to kit out in PPE for every patient and observing strict hygiene rules everyone manages to keep sane, smile and be so patient and cheerful. Mask wearing is strictly monitored and the wards are kept scrupulously clean, the food is excellent and delicious. What is there to complain about?

The TV and papers are full of doom and gloom. Covid 19, stay at home rules and self isolating, shutdowns and the effect on the NHS with more problems to come with a months lockdown.

That may be true but in the safety of the hospital ward you get no idea of the problems they cheerfully face daily. They are truly exceptional.

Thank you NHS.

David Tate,


Kings Worthy