SIR: I applied a generous helping of antiseptic hand gel offered in C&H Fabrics on the High Street, but unfortunately as a result my Pinkie ring slipped from my finger somewhere between the shop, M&S corner, and the walk passed Sainsbury and on to the car park at St Clements surgery. Gents gold black onyx with small inlaid diamond.

I believe the majority of people to be honest, so rang Hampshire Constabulary to establish which police station it could have been handed into, and was amazed to be told that the nearest to Winchester is Basingstoke.

Naturally I would not expect even the most honest citizen to travel to Basingstoke to lodge lost property with the police. Can it really be true that a city, such as Winchester, does not have a police station. The world is going mad!!

Graham Petty,

Woodpeckers Drive,